Cocoa Island Hotels

Accommodations in Cocoa Island offer guests the best of local culture.

The unique suites are built based on the local fishing boats called dhoni. The Dhoni suites are built right on the water and are accessible through wooden walkways. These suites offer a fantastic view of the surrounding ocean with their full length glass walls.

More than that, each Dhoni Suite has its own private deck from which guests can take a dip in the pristine waters any time they wish to do so.

There are also other types of guest rooms including villas.

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  1. Bassam Says:

    Hi there
    Am looking to spend a nice honey moon vacation at the Cocoa Island Hotel because of its nice views and amazing scenery. Am looking to spend a vacation of 10 to 12 days at the resort. I am looking for a water villa or a bungalows close to the beach, or a standard or garden villa. Am looking for a private and far away place from people people. Can you please help on this?
    Am also looking for a meal plan for my vacation, which includes meals for the whole day.
    Can you please provide me with price details and information on my requests? i will be arriving from Beirut (Lebanon) on April 12th of next month. So am looking to start the vacation on April 12. Can you please provide me with any packages and price transfers from the airport to the resort.

    Thank you

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